Ilkeston Town’s Remembrance Day Homage

As the year draws on, we come to that time of year where we think about those who bravely fought for our country and lost their lives in World War 1.


Here at Poppy-PR, Remembrance Day means a lot to us as a company. Not only does our logo have Remembrance connotations, but our director Tina Clough’s husband has also served in two wars with the RAF.


Each year, as a company we attend one of the many Remembrance services held in the county and we love to see local people getting into the spirit of things.


This year marks 100 years of Armistice and the small businesses of Ilkeston are coming together to pay their respects. Up and down the high street is embellished with red, from poppies on lamp posts to a Remembrance mural on a wall and even a dress made entirely from poppies!


Florists, such as Flower Flare and Petals Flowers, have decorated their displays with a multitude of eye-catching poppies. National Hereditary and D I Blow Opticians are also paying homage, by displaying the Union Jack flag in their windows.


Another company that has made a special tribute to Remembrance Day is House of Oliver Bridal Wear, who have created a dress out of more than 600 poppies. The employees spent many hours putting it together, enlisting the help of friends, family and even their children!


One final way in which Ilkeston town has celebrated Armistice Day is a large mural on the side of The Humble Rutland café. The touching tribute reads ‘Ilkeston Remembers … Lest we Forget …’ and shows a single soldier at the grave of another.


The support from the people of Ilkeston is amazing for Remembrance Day and we hope Sunday brings a day of reflection and memory for all.