Traditional PR

As brand awareness becomes increasingly important for business growth and development, businesses should typically seek to employ a PR professional before engaging in a targeted promotional strategy. But what exactly is PR?

PR is the process of communicating with the public (or, more specifically, YOUR public), promoting your organisation and building a positive reputation. Such communication helps you to open the door to increased sales enquiries, a stronger public image, higher staff morale and better recruitment candidates.

The way an organisation is represented in the media has a huge impact on how people perceive it. By sending out news stories, email newsletters, creating tailored blogs, posting on social media, holding events or attending exhibitions, this can dramatically increase your exposure, and create a positive reputation for your organisation.

Historically, many businesses assumed that PR was somewhat of a ‘black art’ and that advertising was the only marketing tool within their reach, as they knew exactly what they were getting for their money.  

While some PR agencies still like to retain that element of mystery, in order to command eye-watering fees from only the biggest clients, the more progressive PR agencies now offer a variety of PR packages, providing SMEs and start-ups with a plethora of affordable PR options. 

Poppy PR is often asked the same questions from those seeking to use a PR for the very first time. These questions include: ‘Why should I use PR? and ‘How much coverage can I expect from the average PR campaign?’.

Well, just like advertising, PR can help to generate sales. The main difference is the fact that PR attempts to ‘persuade’ your target media channels to publish your news for free. Many of our clients will still use paid-for advertising but will run a PR campaign alongside this initiative in order to get the best of both worlds!

Customers or future clients are more likely to pay for services or products from a business that it has a high opinion of. Good PR helps a business to say more, while paying less.  

So why not give our Derby based PR team a call today and book in for an informal chat over a coffee about which of our PR packages would be most suitable for you?!