Crisis Communications

Here for those sticky situations, Poppy PR will fight your corner should the worst happen.

A crisis can strike at any time, and no industry is exempt. A health and safety fine, an employee misbehaving, or even a customer testimonial, can quickly take a turn for the worse- Especially if the media choose to get involved. The question is, how can you minimise the reputational damage caused?

-Cue crisis communications the Poppy-PR way!

Over the last seven years, Poppy-PR has attended court cases with its clients, helped businesses involved in high profile spats with celebrities, and even tackled social media abuse on behalf of its customer base.

When a crisis occurs, the local and national media will often report on the proceedings, and the age old saying: “today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper” no longer applies in the internet age.

News reports can stay online for many years, with your current and future clients able to see full details of any legal cases, prosecutions and bad reviews at the click of a mouse. Despite this, there are steps which can be taken to minimise the reputational damage caused, and to reduce the amount of bad PR appearing online.

Poppy-PR works with PR clients in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Yorkshire, to create a crisis communications strategy. By drafting a statement as soon as the crisis occurs, creating a counter press release, using your right to reply, and devising a strategy for creating some positive PR after a crisis has occurred, Poppy-PR can help you and your business to get back on track.

By sending out positive news stories about your brand online, in time the negative reports will be pushed through the rankings to become less visible. By engaging with the local community in your area, and undertaking charitable partnerships, this too can help a business to repair its reputation in the eyes of both the media, and local community. Such campaigns can take a lot of time and perseverance, but the alternative is to sit back and let the negative headlines stack up against your brand.

Poppy-PR offers a range of crisis communications packages, so if you are going through a crisis, or struggling to get back on track following a bad experience, please contact our friendly team.