We Are Drop Off Point For Shoebox Appeal

Poppy PR is the only designated drop off point in the Ilkeston area for this year’s Chesterfield Shoebox Appeal, and is encouraging people to get involved, after donations this year have seen a slump.

We decided to support the charity in its annual campaign, after our account manager Sarah Dixon single-handedly packed 50 boxes last year, for the charity which works with local people in need.

At its roots, the charity aims to provide shoe boxes of essentials and gifts at Christmas, so that local charities can distribute them to people in need. The key groups for this year’s campaign are the homeless, the elderly, dogs, young adults and children ages 0-16 years.

Tina Clough, managing director, said: “Sarah, packed a phenomenal amount of boxes last year for the charity, and homelessness is something very close to my own heart.  After sleeping rough a few years back for charity, it really hit home how tough life on the streets is.  At a time when we all spend a fortune on our loved ones, it is important to remember that not everyone is so fortune at Christmas time.

I will also be joining the team to hopefully help the charity out with the sorting process, and we are also keen to help deliver the boxes directly to the recipients.”

“This year we have received less boxes so far compared to last year, which is quite worrying.”
Elaine Osbourne, Shoebox Appeal

Elaine Osbourne (46) and Rebecca Hope both work full time, and run the shoebox appeal throughout the year in their spare time. Elaine said: “Last year we received 2,124 shoeboxes which was fantastic. This year we have received significantly less boxes so far compared to last year, which is quite a worry as we have pledged a lot of boxes to charities already.

“We would like to donate boxes to the same charities as last year as well as some new charities. We have about a third of the boxes compared to last year.  We think it’s because the homeless have had some bad press lately, and people associate what we do just with the homeless because we have done so much with them over the last ten months- but the homeless are the smallest percentage that receive the shoeboxes.”

Last year, we donated to Elder Friends, Pathways, New Whittington Friendship Group, The Freedom Project, Women’s Domestic Violence, Young Care Leavers and local dog rescues to name a few.

Tina continued: “We would also welcome donations of empty shoeboxes- because despite our in-house obsession with footwear, we are running out of boxes to pack!”

Clients happy to help

Poppy-PR has also encouraged its clients, suppliers and contacts to get involved, and has so far received pledges of support from The Wilkins Group, IPS Estates, Network Rail, Clarks, Stoma Style, Skills Holidays, Derby Blue Arrow, Blanc De Bierges, and The Agency Works, to name just a few companies backing the firms efforts.

Katie Parry, marketing manager at Skills Holidays decided to get involved after hearing about the campaign, she said: In our opinion, Christmas is not only a time for receiving, but also for giving – especially for such a wonderful cause.

“We are delighted to help Poppy PR with their shoebox appeal, to help better the lives of those that sadly may not receive any other gifts at Christmas. Our whole office is getting on board and pulling together to donate a variety of items which we think the recipients will love.”

Donna Batchelor, managing director at Batchelor Pads Lettings, also pledged her support to the Poppy-PR team, she said: “The reason we decided to help with the shoebox appeal is simple, so many vulnerable and lonely people need a bit of help. If we all did one thing, whether that’s a shoebox, gifts or a hot drink for a homeless person, it all helps.”