A week in the world of PR

blog by Carly Odell

Carly Odell
Carly Odell

Before starting my master’s degree in journalism at Nottingham Trent University, I had heard very little about the industry of PR or what it entailed.

But now, after spending a week in the suitably red Poppy-PR office, I would confidently be able to explain to a PR novice what the field is all about.

I have witnessed a wide range of jobs throughout my time here at Poppy-PR and these jobs were only a very small selection of what this company does.

I had the opportunity to try my hand at so many different tasks, ranging from writing copy about a care home resident to penning a press release based singularly on a blog, to reviewing a client’s website.

The advice and guidance I received from Sarah Dixon and Sarah Bould regarding how to alter my journalism writing style to a PR style was invaluable in helping me complete these tasks. It is also something that I will use for the rest of my career.

My placement has made me realise that without the PR industry, a journalist’s job would be much more difficult.

The field always seems to receive a lack of respect from the world of journalism. If anything, PR companies do most of the leg work for local, and even national media organisations, by finding stories which these organisations cover.

This realisation has given me the best possible understanding of PR and has also given me the upmost respect for all the lovely people who work within the industry.

They have an extremely difficult job, at times. Not only do they require the creative flair to write engaging copy, but they also need to have the business ability to sell their brand and the customer service skill to keep clients happy.

Most importantly, the Sarah double act made me feel incredibly welcome and treated me as a valuable member of the team. Without doubt this has enhanced my experience, heightened the wealth of knowledge that I will walk away with and generally made my week an extremely enjoyable experience.