Seedling Start-Up’s Set to Capitalise on Brand New Services

Derbyshire based Poppy PR has launched its unique Seedling Package, ahead of ‘Small Business Advice Week 2018’, in a bid to help small businesses make headline news!

The agency based on Bath Street, Ilkeston, has revealed plans to launch the unique service to small businesses and start-ups after being inundated with enquiries from companies who previously thought that PR was reserved for the business elite.

Tina Clough, managing director at Poppy PR said: ‘’Since we set up in 2010, we have had many small businesses walk through our doors, some have had budget to spend on our services straight away and some have come back to us a few years later after their business had grown from strength to strength’’

‘’It comes as no surprise to many of the businesses we speak to that PR simply isn’t affordable to the small business or start-up, public relations is often likened to the chicken and the egg situation. New businesses need to promote their new venture in order to grow, but in order to grow they have to have the capital to market themselves effectively’’.

Starting from as little as £150 a month the Seedling Package has already attracted interest from companies throughout Derbyshire and includes services such as press releases, social media management, forward features research, transparent reporting and a full press office function.

Tina who recently won at the English Women’s Awards 2018, added: ‘We decided that the time is now right to revisit the work that we do with smaller businesses and launch this package specially for them which will be going live at the start of ‘Small Business Advice Week 2018’ which runs from September 3rd until September 9th’’.

Small Business Advice Week takes place annually and aims to help the country’s 5.7 million SMEs thrive in tough times, with advice from both leading experts and businesses across Britain. Not only has it provided millions of small businesses up and down the nation with great advice, but also helped various brands, banks and organisations position themselves as reliable and helpful for SMEs.

Poppy-PR is dedicated to creating innovative consumer communications campaigns with clout, and offers a variety of packages with hard-hitting mainstream PR, online PR and SEO in mind.