Ramblings From Work Experience Past

After moving into our new office back in August, Emma Page, a Print Journalism student from Nottingham Trent University joined the team on a two-week work experience placement.

Following her placement, Emma decided to write a blog about her time at Poppy-PR

My 2 weeks with Poppy-PR

When I emailed Tina and the gang at Poppy-PR at the start of summer, they didn’t have an office, it was only May, I had five months off from University to look forward to and next-to-no experience in the world of PR.

But, as it always does, the summer has flown by and my weeks of holidays, work experience and general laziness are coming to a close. Today is my last day of two weeks with Poppy PR, and I have really enjoyed it. Now there are only three weeks left until third year starts at Uni… and one weekend left before I start my new job which I landed from this placement!

Let me start at the beginning.

In May, I emailed Tina asking for a placement with her at Poppy-PR. I had to explain that although I was really interested in working with them, I had three weeks with Ford, a week in Ibiza, and two weeks in Cyprus to fit in beforehand, and so I wouldn’t be available until September!

Poppy-PR had moved into its first office and in August, I was invited to the launch party where I met Tina, Tom and James for the first time. A swanky night of canapés and prosecco has led to two weeks of working with some of the nicest people I have ever met.

I’ve been invited along to a night at the football, a night at the circus, numerous business meetings, and genuinely felt welcome since day one. I have been crammed in the back of an Audi TT and driven to Leicester, been forced to download WhatsApp, and even been persuaded into buying a Macbook Pro.

PR life.

The Poppy-PR team have taught me so much in a short space of time and I am so grateful. I now understand how PR is supposed to work, how to write an effective press release (Remembering to refer to a ‘company’ as an IT and not a THEY!), and now I am feeling motivated to go back to Uni and get a job in the industry I am growing to love.