An insight Into Public Relations Work Experience- By Rachel Boulter

As I am currently studying Journalism at Nottingham Trent University, I wanted to gain experience in as many aspects of the field as possible.  After spending time in a news room, I felt the next place to look should be Public Relations.

Walking into the office of Poppy PR on Monday, with no knowledge of a how a PR agency works, was to say least a little daunting but Tina and her team were amazing from the outset; they were on hand to answer every question I had on all aspects of their company.

Not once during my week with the team did I feel like I was the student in the office, they made me feel welcome and comfortable and the Dominos on the first day helped a little, I would say.

Tina and Sarah Bould’s experience in Journalism has been invaluable in helping me to grow in confidence and develop my writing abilities. Elaborating on how to alter my work towards writing a better press release, as well as creating the most powerful headline, has been a particular benefit.

Sarah Dixon has shown me how to be of value to clients, enabling me to create expert profiles and researching into #journorequests. Two subjects, before this week, I didnt know existed!

I was given opportunities throughout the week to interact with clients directly, making me feel a trusted member of the team. Conducting an interview with an artist was the highlight of my experience, we will ignore the moment when I asked him whether he would be presenting his piece to the late Eric Morecambe in person!

When starting the week Tina asked me where I could see myself in a few years after graduating, what career I would be in. I answered with a blank expression and a response of I honestly do not have a clue. Now after my week with Poppy PR, I would answer that question with a nod in the PR direction.