Meet the women who will save your skin

The owners of a beauty clinic in Derby have revealed that some of the world’s wealthiest women travel thousands of miles for their ground-breaking skin treatments.

Shakila Adamz and her daughters Farrah Mohamed and Fiz Hussein opened the Neo Elegance clinic in Vernon Street last year, after returning to Derby from their previous base in London’s exclusive Mayfair district.

The family run business, which offers some of the world’s most advanced, non-surgical skin care, for conditions such as acne, fatigue and wrinkles, has since been rebuilding its Derbyshire client base, having originally operated in Derby when it launched in 2014.

New clients from the Midlands are increasingly discovering the benefits of this discreet clinic on the edge of Derby city centre.

Yet one of the city’s best kept secrets is already the talk of hugely wealthy women across the globe, most of whom have continued to visit Neo Elegance after first discovering the clinic in London.

The family treats at least 15 regular clients who travel to Derby from as far afield as Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the US.

The business will typically close its doors to other clients while these special VIP visits take place. These wealthy and well-connected clients are often ferried from East Midlands Airport to an out-of-sight parking area behind the clinic, enabling them to arrive and depart with total anonymity.

Shakila said: “It’s fantastic to be back offering high quality treatments in our hometown of Derby.

“We would love to see more people from Derby and Derbyshire find out what we have to offer – then they will understand why clients travel thousands of miles across the world to be treated here.

“We offer Harley Street style expertise and discretion, with the luxury of Dubai, but at a price that Derby people can afford.”

Neo Elegance set out in 2014 to turn the beauty industry on its head. The family designs and manufactures all its own beauty products and devices, with the aim of improving on the best global treatments and technology.

Shakila, Farrah and Fiz felt the beauty industry was offering poor-quality and overly expensive treatments that were, at best, only short-term fixes.

During the past few years they have travelled the world – to places like Dubai, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong and the US – collecting information on the very best beauty treatments available.

They have now returned to Derby with all this knowledge, and have created a sumptuous clinic bedecked in plush peacock-blue sofas, gold teapots and Versace wallpaper.

Without a single scalpel in sight, they estimate that their natural, non-surgical skin treatments will typically knock around 10 years off a client’s appearance.

Shakila said: “The truth of the matter is that the UK is so far behind places like Hong Kong, and even Germany and France, in terms of the beauty market.

“Here, we see too much aesthetic work on the face, such as fillers and face-lifts, because women, particularly, are looking for a quick fix all the time.

“What we offer is something that looks far more natural. We effectively achieve the same results. It will take longer, but it will also last longer – and often cost a fraction of the price.”

Fiz, the company’s skin specialist, who has qualifications in Clinical Aesthetics, Advanced Skin Science and is an accredited trainer in beauty treatments, said: “The mistake made by many beauty therapists and brands that sell products in high street stores, is that it is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ scenario.

“Everyone’s skin is different. It reacts differently to different products. An individual’s skin also changes between the seasons of the year. So what we do at Neo Elegance is to focus on education.

“We educate people about their own skin, we provide bespoke treatments specifically for each individual, and advise tailored regimes for home skin care between treatments at the clinic.

“The unfortunate truth in the UK is that people are not nearly as well-educated about their skin from an early age as they are elsewhere in the world. In other countries, people begin skin care far earlier in life, and so see much better results when they are older. Here in the UK, it’s often too late – which is why some women take quite drastic and invasive measures to regain their youth.”

Fiz, who was one of the stars of the ITV reality series Spa Wars five years ago, works alongside sister Farrah and mum Shakila to continually formulate new natural lotions and serums to offer customers. All products they sell are their own creations. The family also uses its vast global knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture its own technological devices at its factory and warehouse in Alfreton.

The company’s ground-breaking, portable and cordless LED face mask, which featured on the Spa Wars TV show, is now in its third-generation design. Users wear the mask, which has an in-built pair of ‘sun glasses’ within a Darth Vader-style face covering, and select the coloured light setting that is most suitable for their skin condition – whether that be blemishes, fatigue or lines. With Christmas around the corner, the company is expecting a surge in orders for its £199.00 Triwave LED mask.

Neo Elegance has also just launched its advanced NeoDermisX fractional radiofrequency appliance, a portable device that combines radiofrequency with micro needles that can help treat conditions like scarring, acne and wrinkles.

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