The Life Of A Poppy PR Intern

After graduating from my master’s degree, I knew that I wanted to focus my interests on a career in PR. With a passion for the written word and a confident personality, I knew that some hands-on experience in the sector would be great for me.

A place to channel my creativity whilst contributing to a fast-paced business environment would be the ideal place to start, and Tina Clough was more than happy to oblige!

Although the ladies at Poppy PR enjoy their coffee from Stacey’s Bakery, that’s not the only thing I have been perfecting the art of. From day one, Tina was keen to put my skills to use by producing press releases, scheduling social media for accounts and conducting interviews.

A warm welcome and guidance from Sarah Bould, one of the team’s PR Manager’s, gave me the confidence to tackle all the tasks I was given.

The close-knit feel of the office is reflected in their professional yet personal relationships with clients and that also extends to their staff. The team at Poppy PR are genuine professionals that will always make time for one another and this allowed me to approach them with queries, big or small!

I feel that my skills and confidence have been boosted by Tina’s consistent support and valuable feedback. My press writing skills have improved thanks to her one-on-one sessions on the art of news writing. Conducting interviews with clients from construction backgrounds to fashion designers has allowed me to work in sectors I had never experienced before.

Working at Poppy PR has also given me a new-found respect for Ilkeston as a thriving hub of economic growth. Located on ‘Ilson’s’ historical Bath Street, the office is surrounded by traditional Derbyshire cuisine and quintessentially British cafes.

The Poppy PR team is always at the forefront of this, with a hands-on approach to the local community and the first to know about the local news here .This native angle lends itself to the team, as they are successful in getting clients the coverage and opportunities they deserve.

Working on accounts for B2B and B2C clients in a range of trade sectors has also given me a fantastic, wide-ranging experience.

Like many recent graduates, the dilemma of gaining work experience to get the job you love rests heavy on my shoulders, but Poppy PR has added to my CV with valuable and worthwhile practical and networking experience.

Thanks to the team for an invaluable two weeks!