Apprenticeship Week ‘Catalyst’ For Agency Expansion

Poppy-PR has expanded its team by taking on a digital media apprentice, after making a pledge to invest in the training of the next generation of marketing professionals.

The agency, which is now in its sixth year, met with apprenticeship provider 3AAA during National Apprenticeship Week, and after seeing the value in providing training and experience to those fresh out of school and college, decided to take the plunge.

Philip Coyle (20) from Mackworth in Derby will join the team at the end of March as Digital Media Executive, and will assist the PR team in the design of event invitations, client social media work, press photography and the production of social media banners.

Director of Poppy-PR, Tina Clough (30), said: “Philip met with us during National Apprenticeship Week, after a brief conversation with Sam Smith at 3AAA, and we were astounded by his passion for design and social media.  

“Philips personal interests all centre around social media and design, which means that offering him a job with us would allow him to practice his hobby during work hours.  At Poppy-PR we only recruit those with the passion and fire for what they do, and Philip will be a great asset to our team.”

Since August 2015, Poppy-PR has raised its head above the parapet to open its Ilkeston based office, and double the size of its team, to become one of the leading go-to agencies for PR in the East Midlands.

Philip, who will join the team on March 29th said: “This is a dream job for me.  Having a job I actually want to do, rather than having to do is amazing, and it made we want to accept instantly. On meeting with Tina and the team, it seemed like a nice working environment, and I can’t wait to get started.”

After being nominated for The Rising Star Award at the Women in Business Awards last year, Tina hoped to expand the team to include other add-on services such as design. This process started at the beginning of this year, when the agency added photographers to its books in response to increasing demand.

Sam Smith, Employer Engagement Executive at 3AAA, said: “It is always great in this job when you come across an applicant that has a high skill set and a great attitude. When this can be matched with a business that offers a high level of support for both the applicant and for us as a provider it makes everything worthwhile. The most important thing is finding an environment for the apprentice to develop and be supported.  Philip has this with his new job.”