Sarah Dixon

PR Account manager, age 36

Sarah Dixon, from Denby, is the newest addition to the Poppy PR team.

Sarah has joined the team as a PR manager from a background in business development, coupled with a wealth of knowledge for working alongside high-profile clients in Dub

Sarah is a keen horse rider and enjoys walking her dog Diva, with her five-year-old son, Harry. She has previously worked as a communications manager at a recruitment firm and will be helping us to further expand our expertise within the social media sector.

Sarah has had articles have been published in The People and B Baby magazines on parenting advice, luxury product reviews and fashion news on Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Sarah also has over 15 years’ worth of experience in the private maternity sector and children’s concierge which has allowed her to travel all over the globe.

Likes:  horse riding, unicorns and flamingos.

Dislikes: mean people.

Favourite Quote: ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’

Guilty pleasure: Driving in my car with my music on and not the Troll soundtrack.

If I were born a boy I would have been called: Bob.