What is PR?

As brand awareness becomes increasingly important for business growth and development, businesses should seek to employ a PR professional, before engaging in a targeted advertising strategy- But what exactly is PR

PR is the process of communicating with the public, promoting your business, and building a positive reputation and public image.

The way a business is represented in the media has a huge impact on how people perceive it. By sending out news stories, email newsletters, creating tailored blogs, holding events or attending exhibitions, this can dramatically increase business exposure, and create a positive reputation for your organisation.

Historically, PR has been akin to a cartel style system, with many businesses assuming that advertising is the only marketing tool within their reach due to status and budget restrictions

In recent years, the more progressive PR agencies have begun offering PR packages, which aim to open up the PR pool to those previously excluded.  Sure, many agencies will still adopt a survival of the richest approach to client retention, charging fees that only the larger business enterprise can even consider, but the new generation of PR firm is giving the SME a plethora of options within the PR sphere

At Poppy-PR, we are often asked the same questions from those seeking to use a PR for the very first time.  These questions include ‘Why should I use PR over advertising’, ‘How much coverage can I expect from the average PR campaign?’ and ‘How much could PR save me if I scrap my current advertising budget?

Akin to advertising, PR can help to generate sales. The main difference is the fact that PR focuses on creating positive publicity, whilst working towards generating a good reputation about a business, organisation or individual.

Customers or future clients are more likely to pay for services or products from a business that it has a high opinion of. Editorial is an easier way of conveying a message than advertising, because more can be said in an article than in a printed advertisement. Good PR helps a business to say more, whilst paying less

In one of our typical PR packages, clients can expect to receive between 6-10 pieces of coverage per story written.  With our average PR packages priced between £950-£1500, the cost savings can easily be seen.

With a single quarter page advert in The Nottingham Post setting you back around £445, and a monthly PR package with us costing £950, our packages can offer you up to 20 pieces of coverage each and every month, in addition to forward features research, social media management, transparent reporting, and even event organisation to boot

No matter how much you pay for an advert, you will never secure a big front page placement or coverage in the main run of the publication. These spaces are reserved for news. Offering the editor with great PR is the only way of securing this space.

So why not give our friendly team a call today and book in for an informal chat over a coffee about how PR can help you?!